Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Undercutting Obama: Joe Lieberman chimes in

I'd posted a few days ago about John McCain's demand that Mr. Obama abandon his July 2011 begin-withdrawal-from-Afghanistan date, and Lindsey Graham's warmongering speech about "neutering" Iran's military, and wondered about when Joe Lieberman was going to get in on the act.

Joe's right on cue: the WaPo reports that the merry triumvirate of McCain, Graham, and Lieberman are touring Afghanistan (and later, Iraq and Pakistan), where today they shared a lectern in Kabul to tell reporters that Mr. Obama was oh-so-wrong to set July 2011 as the start of the pullout from Afghanistan.  Said McCain:

"But the fact is, it was wrong to set the date July 2011. . . . It sent the wrong message and created a problem, and we need to have the president state unequivocally that [a drawdown] is solely conditions-based. I worry a great deal about the effect of that [target date] because it encourages our enemies and discourages our friends."

OK, now it's Joe's turn to get the microphone:
"There is an overwhelming majority of both parties that agree July 2011 will not be an American pullout," Lieberman said. "The goal the president set was based on a review of conditions on the ground. We're going to stay here until the job is done. Members of Congress understand that completely."
Such patriots!  Such lusty, manly men!  Let's keep the troops in Afghanistan for another four years!  Build more bases!  By God, America can NOT be defeated!  We'll spend all the money we need to spend!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, a bipartisan panel is proposing major changes to Social Security, including reducing benefits and bumping up the full-benefits retirement age to 69 (from 67).  They also propose a significant increase in the gasoline tax - something that's sure to please the folks back home.  Hey, I've been OK with a higher gas tax for a long time, if it's intended to promote more energy-efficient cars, or a move toward energy-saving, planet-friendlier mass transportation.  But to keep the military funded for a permanent war?

Speaking of which . . . uh oh, the panel also is recommending deep cuts to military spending.

Better hurry home, boys!

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