Thursday, November 11, 2010

Iraq's new deal not such a big deal?

No sooner is it announced that the protagonists in Iraq's post-election saga have made a deal, is it reported that a bunch of Iraqiya's representatives walked out in protest when the parliament wouldn't discuss some of their demands.  And it's evident that a lot of Sunnis on the street - and in parliament - are finding that the whole thing is pretty bogus, merely a cover for Maliki (who finished second to Allawi in the voting) to steal the election for Iran and away from the Sunnis.  There's also little faith that the Shii-led coalition is going to come through on their agreements.

We have a long way to go . . . .  and the longer this saga is prolonged, the more the McCain triumvirate - in line with their new "mandate" to re-direct foreign policy - will pressure Obama to encourage Iraq's leaders to let US troops stay longer.

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