Sunday, August 5, 2012

Remember Yemen?

Completely off most of our radars, especially since the removal of President al-Saleh was thought by so many to be the dawn of some kind of new day . . . a suicide bombing during a funeral service attended by members of civilian militias that helped the Yemeni Army in a campaign to recapture the town of Jaar from Qaeda militants in June has now resulted in 45 killed.

Meanwhile, the US keeps zapping "al-Qaeda" with drone strikes (5 more killed today).

Meanwhile, as The Guardian reported 2 months ago,

 According to the World Food Programmehunger in Yemen has doubled over the past two years. In May, aid agencies warned that almost half the country's population of 25 million do not have enough food to eat and a third of children in some areas are severely malnourished. Then, last week, Oxfam – whichcautioned last September that Yemen was at breaking point – issued a joint appeal with Islamic Relief for $38m, claiming that 5 million people are in need of emergency aid. The UN – which estimates that 267,000 children face life-threatening levels of malnutrition – has increased the total sought for its humanitarian appeal from $447m to $586m.

Meanwhile, Americans are agog over Michael Phelps, beach volleyball, and readying our fantasy football leagues.  Hey, c'mon . . . I mean, Jesus has forever blessed Americans to be rich and successful and oh so happy . . . right?

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