Monday, November 8, 2010

Bush on his decision to invade Iraq

The Guardian synopsizes the chapters in Bush's new published memoirs that deal with the invasion of Iraq.
The one thing Bush does not consider a mistake was the invasion itself. Seven years after the war began, America is safer without a dictator pursuing WMD and supporting terror at the heart of the Middle East, he says. "The region is more hopeful with a young democracy setting an example for others to follow. And the Iraqi people are better off with a government that answers to them instead of torturing and murdering them."

Well, OK, except that . . .
  • he'd hold up as a model a "young democracy" that, eight months after a major election, still can't form a government - or provide electricity or clean water, or ensure security?
  • the new government doesn't torture?  Has our infamously non-reader Leader not read about the ongoing practice of torture by the Iraqi police?

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