Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on Mr. Obama's War

Two more Marines killed in Afghanistan by Taliban, many of whom now seem to be moving out of harm's way northward, destabilizing what had been a relatively peaceful part of the country and giving some new momentum to the "insurgency." The same report notes that locals caught in the Marines' offensive are angry with the US, often side with the Taliban, and have no trust of the Karzai government - even as Mr. Karzai seems on the way to an election victory.

Meanwhile, a new book by a RAND analyst reminds us all that much of the blame for the current mess in Afghanistan - and Pakistan - can be laid at the feet of the Bush administration, and Donald Rumsfeld in particular. Speaking of whom . . . I wonder if he can be made to testify if Messrs. Obama and Holder decide to green-light an investigation into the recently re-revealed mass killings of Taliban prisoners in 2001 by militias controlled by warlords working with the CIA?

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