Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another deadly blast in Anbar

Fallujah (in mostly Sunni Anbar province) was hit today with a bombing that killed 4 and wounded/maimed many more. Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Iraq blast 'targets Sunni party' The target was the HQ of the Iraqi Islamic Party. Until the recent elections, the IIP had controlled much of the local government in the areas. Lately, though, it has been challenged by local, more secular Sunni groups that often represent the "tribal" militias that were so important in the Awakening movement that turned back "al-Qaeda" jihadists.

Who's doing this? Perhaps the jihadists? Or perhaps guys from the now-decommissioned Awakening? The US will likely blame it on "al-Qaeda terrorists" - unless there's a way to somehow pin it on Shii groups influenced by Iran = for the US, generally the flavor of the month, every month.

UPDATE: As if these disturbances weren't enough, now the US is trying to grease the skids for Sunni-Shii reconciliation in the Maliki government (with some help from Turkey) - but Maliki is screaming "busted!" and telling the US to keep its nose out of his country's business. Again, how much of this is for show? On the other hand, the whole thing might have stayed under the radar if Maliki hadn't spoken up.

Again, we forget at our peril just how deeply runs the Shii paranoia about Sunni intentions - and the desire among some Shii for payback. We also need to remember that the Shii who lead the government are the same people who were forced into exile under Saddam, who had to give up their homes and livelihoods and fortunes, and perhaps see members of their family killed. They are not likely to sit back and let the US - in moves designed to suit US policy needs (like cheap oil) - prop the door open for people who may have had a hand in that. Would you?

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