Monday, March 29, 2010

The NY Times on The Heart of Allawi’s Win

Insightful blog post in today's NYT helps explain Allawi's victory, and what it may promise for Iraq's future (also check out the map and chart provided  there).

Something that stands out: How the current PM Nuri al-Maliki has alienated so many erstwhile supporters, while Allawi has cozied up to both Shii Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, as well as the Western media.

But one wonders: Will Allawi be able to put together a ruling coalition that will still allow him to pursue a non-sectarian, secular, Iraqi nationalist agenda?  And will he be able to keep his new friends if Iraq's security situation worsens?  Most of the blame for bombings over the last several months has fallen on Maliki's shoulders.  If Allawi becomes PM, it's all on him.  Then what?

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