Monday, March 1, 2010

"Iraqcracy" - like Tammany Hall, Daley's Chicago?

Nice NYT reporting on Iraqi electioneering - but with Iraqi helicopters overhead, and US Apache helicopters circling over those, and people being ordered to attend rallies . . .  I have to wonder: what's to come of it?  And for this, perhaps a million Iraqis killed or maimed, millions more dislocated internally or in foreign exile, more than 4000 US military killed and tens of thousands of American lives destroyed, and mega-billions of dollars - desperately needed back home - up in smoke.

When it's all said and done - and we still won't reach that point for a long time to come, if ever - will it all have been (as Madeleine Albright once said of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children killed by post-1991 sanctions) "worth it"?

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Anonymous said...

"worth it"? Right now I think most people would say no. However, maybe the US will be successful in constructing a democracy there and having a peaceful Iraq 50 or 100 years from now something that has never happened in Iraq's past-a dictatorless Iraq. How many more would have died under Saddam's regime? There is hope right now for a peaceful Iraqi government, is that hope worth the millions that have died so far? No, but how many people could be saved in the future if a peaceful regime is actually placed in control? I guess just food for thought, we cannot change the past and hopefully we will start reconstructing the state of Iraq and get some competent leaders in office if any exist.


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