Friday, March 19, 2010

The Afghan tar baby?

The WaPo reports today that the Taliban have made a comeback in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, where they threaten NATO supply lines - and that part of their strategy may be "stepping up operations in the north in a bid to force U.S. forces to spread out and thus dilute their effectiveness."

Add to that the reports that the Taliban are still intimidating people in Marja, in Helmand province; they're not just going away, and the US may not have enough troops there to ensure security.  Without that, then what's the point?

All of which has me wondering: How soon before Gen. McChrystal - or perhaps John McCain/Joe Lieberman - begin to suggest that the current "surge" in Afghanistan is not big enough, and that July 2011 as a prospective start-withdrawal date is too ambitious?

And add to this the suggestions of (among others) Thomas Ricks that the US needs to maintain a large military presence in Iraq for quite a few years . . .

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