Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Afghan Chief in Marja Has Criminal Record [?!]

WE sure can pick some winners, can't we?

Turns out that Abdul Zahir, who was installed as Marja's mayor at the cost of several American and at least 12 local civilian lives - as well as the lives of dozens of "Taliban" (terrorists? resistance fighters? patriots?) - was convicted (after he'd confessed) of trying to stab his son to death during his long exile in Germany (where was a hotel and laundry worker = great qualifications to be mayor, no?) , and served some time in prison.  Zahir's comments?
'I was not a killer. I was not a smuggler. ... I didn't commit any crime,'' Zahir told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday evening. He said allegations of a criminal record were ''all a lie . . . .  This news is coming from those people who are against me.  They are against my relations with the foreigners. They want to sabotage me. They don't want such a person to serve the people, who has good relations with Americans, British, and foreigners.'' 
You have to believe that the the US+NATO commanders are having an "OH SHIT!" moment right about now - but they're keeping cool for the press.  Quoth Admiral Gregory Smith (NATO's PR guy): "Zahir . . . is doing good work down there."

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