Monday, September 21, 2009

Seven Days in May Redux? Or, Truman v. MacArthur?

Interesting take here on the timing of the "Woodward leak" via which McChrystal's report got into the Washington Post

For any of you who don't understand the Seven Days in May reference, that was a  1962 novel that was made into a 1964 movie (featuring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas) about how a charismatic general tries to launch a military coup to topple the president.  No, I don't think we've reached that point, but a number of factors are starting to work against our president:
  • support for a messiah-like general (David Petraeus)
  • Republican Senatorial leadership who believe the aforementioned general walks on water
  • right-wing shout media who are out to topple Obama at any cost
  • an ignorant American public (many of them white racists) who fear Barack "Hussein" Obama; who fear that he's taking away their health care, and their country; and who think he's a closet communist/socialist
  • Republican legislators who are only too happy to play upon and manipulate that public in order to restore their party to power.

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