Friday, September 25, 2009

More pressure on Iran - and more scare-mongering

Lots of breathless reporting today (both here and elsewhere) of the revelation about the previously undisclosed enrichment facility at Qom in Iran. This revelation seems to have been well coordinated with the G-20 meeting opening in Pittsburgh. And it also dovetails nicely with Netanyahu's fiery speech at the UM, in which he once again raised the issue of Ahmadinejad as Hitler, the impending new Holocaust, etc.

My understanding, though, is that Iran is entitled under international law to pursue nuclear enrichment. That Iran has been concealing that is worrisome, and disturbing, but given the West's consistent demonization of the Islamic Republic ever since 1979, it's also understandable.

Numerous experts have weighed in to the effect that a nuclear Iran is (1) inevitable, (2) containable, and (3) not likely to try to use a nuclear attack to eradicate Israel, or any other country. And launching a military "option" in some misguided attempt to stop Iran from making any progress will only (1) fail to do so over the long term, and (2) result in a destabilization of the Middle East - including attacks on Israel - that would likely bring us closer to catastrophe, rather than avert it.

in reference to: Iran Said to Have Covert Nuclear Facility - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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