Wednesday, September 30, 2009

more fear-mongering on Iran in the NYT op-eds

The NYT publishes today an op-ed by Gary Milhollin and Valerie Lincy (the latter is the editor of something called; gee, I wonder what their slant is?) that warns that, in light of the recent disclosure about the Qom site,  the devious Iranians must truly have an "archipelago" of underground secret nuclear installations all over their country.  With talks with Tehran slated to begin tomorrow, they insist that the US hold Iran's feet to the fire to get them to 'fess up.

Haven't we heard this stuff before?  Like, in 2002-2003, with Tenet's slam-dunk case about all of Iraq's WMD installations, and the NYT's own Judith Miller writing about the same, as Ahmad Chalabi was spoon-feeding her stuff from operatives of zero credibility?

Read this piece.  It's built on a scaffolding of "if's" - If Iran has done this, then they can do this.  And if they can do this, then maybe they can do this.  This is the same sort of nonsense that helped launch Boy George's not-so-excellent adventure in Iraq.

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