Sunday, September 27, 2009

On bombing Iran: the usual suspects are weighing in

I'm up against a deadline for my book, so blogging time is limited.  But I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald's latest Salon pieces on the "new" disclosures about Iran's nuclear facility in Qom (still, by the way, under construction).  He makes a ton of excellent points, but take special note that
  • - So many of those now screaming for a strike on Iran are the same war-hawks who screamed for invading Iraq in 2002.  These guys seem never to learn, or to go away.
  • - Many of those boosting an attack on Iran are well loved by AIPAC and the Likudnik element in Israeli politics.
  • - Many of those reporters and pundits covering the issue for the MSM are all too prone to acting as stenographers for government sources, rather than as critical analysts who need to exercise a healthy skepticism when it comes to said sources.

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