Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is Thomas Friedman a Self-Hating Jew?

My short answer = No! But his essay in today's NYT is likely to cause a few Likudniks to weigh in to that effect. He tells it like it is in re the West Bank settlements and the ruffian settler elements there, and he also make explicit reference to a "pro-Israel lobby."

But eventually Mr. Obama will have to get the Israeli government to commit to a lot more than a "moratorium" (as Friedman puts it) on settlement-building, or expansion of current settlements. Without removal of the vast majority of them, Israel has no possibility whatsoever of living in peace with its Palestinian neighbors.

Nor was peace brought any closer by Israel's action today to evict more than 50 Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem. The BBC report notes that the US as well as the UN and the British government.

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