Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preparing the ground for the body-bags to come

The NYT reports on Richard Holbrooke's remarks in re the prospects for Afghanistan, as well as remarks by Gen. Petraeus and Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai. . . and IMO those remarks, taken as a whole, signal that

  • a lot of Americans are headed to Afghanistan, will be there for a long time, and will be dying in outposts and ambushes in some pretty God-forsaken places. . . and the American public better face that sooner than later.
  • NATO is up against it to ante up, their economies in tatters or not.
  • Karzai, who's under fire from the US and NATO members, is not going to let go the reins without a fight, and is going to be spinning his comments to benefit his case.
  • Karzai may be willing to do some deals with the Taliban, if need be without the US's green light, if he believes it will firm up his grip on those reins.

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