Saturday, February 21, 2009

A 360 degree panorama from one of the farming villages in Gaza destroyed by the IDF.

I'm truly fortunate that some very talented and committed people noted something I wrote and have gotten in touch with some work of their own. I'm still shaking my head after seeing this incredible panoramic shot by Hans Nyberg.

Hello John

I have posted a 360 degree panorama from Juhor ad-Dik one of the farming villages in Gaza destroyed by the IDF.

Why did Israel destroy a Gaza Farming Village including Olive Trees which were the living of these innocent farmers.

Quote from New York Times: JUHR EL DIK, Gaza — When the Assi brothers returned to their village, most of it was missing. Their house was flattened, and their olive groves crushed. The only thing left standing was a single almond tree.
Of all the areas hit in Israel’s military campaign, Juhr el Dik, a farming village on Gaza’s eastern border, had
more than its share of loss. In its center is now a giant swath of destruction where about 40 houses once stood.

“It’s an earthquake,” said Salim Abu Ayadah, the mayor of the town, whose house was among those destroyed. “When I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t walk.”

Best Regards
Hans Nyberg

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