Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama ripped in Congress over Egypt, Lebanon

And, as the WaPo notes, two of the big rippers are Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Gary Ackerman, who happen to be two of the big dippers from the AIPAC honey-comb.  Puzzling that they are ripping Obama for not insisting on a quick transition to democracy in Egypt, even as Netanyahu and his people are fearful of that very thing, for fear of the Muslim Brotherhood slipping into power.

Or . . . do they "get it" - that the chance of a Brotherhood takeover is relatively slim (as so many experts - including Reuel Marc Gerecht, neocon and Likud darling - have tried to make plain)? 

Makes you wonder how much even Bibi believes his own rhetoric about the possibility of Egypt becoming a new Iran.

UPDATE - OK, I am way off base with the above, as this update makes plain,  Ros-lehtinen and Berman evidently excoriated Obama for even allowing the possibility that the US might countenance the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in a more democratic Egypt.  Quoth the lovely Ileana:
"Now the White House is reportedly making matters worse by apparently reexamining its position on dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, but also stating that a new Egyptian government should include a whole host of important non-secular actors. The Muslim Brotherhood had nothing to do with driving these protests, and they and other extremists must not be allowed to hijack the movement toward democracy and freedom in Egypt."
So, no, they don't get it.  Silly me.

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