Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Hasbara from Richard Cohen

The WaPo's Richard Cohen with more hasbara, though this time with a patina of what he seems to think will pass for historical perspective.  But he's banging the same worn-out drum he's been pounding ever since Tahrir Square began to fill up:
  • Obama-Clinton need to shut up about Egypt;
  •  Egypt's not ready for democracy (although now, it's the entire Arab world, which, he says, needs to go through the kind of messy political evolution that East Europe did after World War I and to the present).

What he's really saying?
  • Democracy in Egypt = big bad Muslim Brotherhood will sneak in and take over.
  • Egypt will then abrogate its treaty with Israel.

This despite the insistence of so many experts, so much better informed that Cohen (including now, direct from the neocon right wing, Reuel Marc Gerecht), that this is an unlikely scenario, for reasons I don't have time to get into.

As usual, for Cohen, it's all about what's best for Israel.  And his apparent conviction that what's best for Israel must be good for the US. 

So, if democracy means that anti-Israel elements get a voice in Arab governments, then those Arabs will simply have to do without.

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