Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bibi and His Boys Bash the Brothers, too

Mr. Netanyahu and his entourage are crying woe, the big bad Muslims are coming to Egypt . . . and they're gonna close the Suez Canal!  It's gonna be just like Iran in 1979!

"Israel is the sole genuine democracy in the region and therefore it is important to bolster our alliance," [Foreign Minister Avigdor] Lieberman told his German counterpart. "The situation in Egypt must be stabilized and pressure [on the regime] cannot be exaggerated. In the end it may result in a revolution that will bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power."

A similar concern was voiced by Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, Dan Meridor, during his meeting with German Minister of State Werner Hoyer. "If the Muslim Brotherhood takes control the peace agreement will be at risk," Meridor told the German minister.

A further sign of Israeli concern about the negative impact of the upheaval in Egypt followed in Netanyahu's comments during the joint cabinet meeting with German and Israeli ministers. Netanyahu raised the possibility that as part of German-Israeli cooperation a rail line could be built between Eilat and the port of Ashdod. "This would be in case the Suez Canal is blocked or closed because of traffic," the prime minister said.

So, says Israel, the West needs to cuddle up with Hosni.  It's for "stability," you know.

Sorry, Bibi, but I'm afraid you're on the wrong side of history.

Well, actually, your country has been on the wrong side of history since at least 1967.

And actually, when your country refused to bow to international law in 1948 by leaving hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians dispossessed refugees . . . well, you've put yourself on the wrong side of history for a long time.

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