Sunday, July 18, 2010

Patrick Cockburn on the Retreat from Afghanistan

The inimitable Mr. Cockburn (who, I'd venture to say, has always known more about what's truly going on - and what's possible - in both Iraq and Afghanistan than does the vast majority of the US State Department - or White House, or Congress) nails it in re what the US is facing in Afghanistan - and, for that matter, what Petraeus actually achieved in Iraq.  In essence, it was a retreat that he was able to dress up as a success (and thereby mollify American voters), courtesy of the Sunni Awakening.  Remember them?  Those brave men who were subsequently disowned by the (Shii) Iraqi government after the US left them out on a limb?  Those same Sunnis whom the next government needs desperately if Iraq is to have any chance at enduring stability?  Those same Sunnis who today were targeted in attacks that killed at least 60, and wounded 65 more?

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