Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Israeli P.R. Coup

not really.  The Guardian reports on another settler+IDF eviction of a Palestinian family from Jerusalem's Old City.  45 people, of a family that had occupied the dwelling for 70 years:

According to Mohammed Kirresh, 22, a member of the Palestinian family, "Jewish people and Israeli soldiers with weapons" came at 2am, when most of the family was at a wedding.

He said the family, which had rented the property since 1936, had won two previous court cases challenging eviction orders. He claimed the Israelis had broken furniture and damaged belongings.

"Everything we own is inside – our money, ID papers, clothes, food," he said. Armed police were guarding the entrance to the house.

Around 20 members of the Kirresh family pledged to stay on the narrow street outside the house. "We are staying here," said Mohammed Kirresh. "We hope the court will rule in our favour."

The new occupants of the house refused to speak to the press.

Well, keep pushing for those peace talks, Mr. Obama.  I'm sure they'll fix everything.

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