Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clinton's Camp David talks, 10 years after

Fine essay by Ben White in the Christian Science Monitor (republished in Gulf Times). The "peace process" is a joke; as is the "two-state solution."  The settlements are too many and too big; the settlers are too entrenched (and  a substantial percentage of them are violently anti-Arab racists); and any significant move back to the 1967 borders would bring civil war, with large parts of the Israeli army defecting to the pro-settler side.  Meanwhile, East Jerusalem is now home to 200,000 Jewish colonists whom the Israeli government has been encouraging to settle there for years.

And the US has let it happen - and more specifically (although our leaders are much too blame), ordinary Americans whose ignorance of history is matched only by their idiotic insistence on treating "Biblical promises" as historical imperatives.

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