Sunday, May 9, 2010

Postpone withdrawal from Iraq?

Thus argues neocon commentator Max Boot in today's LA Times, at least in so many words.  To quote him:
It would be a tragedy if, after having spent hundreds of billions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of lives, the U.S. were to lose the endgame in Iraq. Yet that could very well happen unless senior administration officials — including the president himself — get more engaged in the process and show more flexibility in implementing the troop drawdown.
I hope Obama's not paying him too much heed.  Bush's little war stupidly forced the Iraqis to a reckoning for which they were not prepared - one that, some might argue, the Iraqis were set up for as soon as Messrs. Sykes and Picot did their little number on the Ottoman Arab heartland back in 1916.  But keeping US troops in Iraq any longer than the pull-out date agreed upon by Messrs. Bush and al-Maliki will not, in the end, prevent that reckoning.  Rather, it would do even more damage to both countries.

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