Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another horrible cost of Mr. Bush's fiasco

Remember him?  George W. Bush?  Now living happily and quietly and undisturbed (and with no regrets about launching his war, so he says) in Texas, writing his memoirs (to make him more millions), even as his wife is raking in millions that would never have come her way if she hadn't married Boy George.

I have an idea for the two of them.  Why not donate all the millions from your book sales (and the advances they surely received) to the emotional-trauma units whose inmates - put there by Mr. Bush's adventure - are spotlighted in this AP report?

And I have an idea for my fellow citizens: PAY ATTENTION!!  Pay attention to these poor people of Iraq, who deserved none of the misery the US brought them.  And please, can we dispense with any neocon/Wall Street Journal-style chirping about the wonderful new democracy that Mr. Bush brought them?  As Sarah Palin might ask, "How's that workin' out for ya'?" Well, it's in limbo, barely functioning; it's mired in sectarian division and personal animosities; there's no solution in sight; and al-Qaeda and sectarian militias are waiting in the wings to swoop into the vacuum.)

And PAY ATTENTION to Iran!  Even as I'm sitting here, think-tank geniuses, AIPAC lobbyists, and Likudniks wherever they are are whispering "Bomb bomb Iran" into the ears of voting Congressmen on Capitol Hill and members of the oh-so-tough-talking Mrs. Clinton's State Department. 

Our imperial escapades bring costs to a lot more people than "the troops."  Or perhaps I should say, the US has racked up some humongous IOU's in the minds of thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine . . . and the list can be lengthened.  Perhaps the recently apprehended suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt was trying to collect.

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