Monday, May 24, 2010

JR's Picks for 24 May 2010

Israelis' ideal state: A country without criticism - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News - - edit  42 seconds ago
Let us imagine the dream-country of most Israelis - without criticism,
neither from within nor from without. It speaks in one voice and is
eternally united, with devotion and cohesion; all-Jewish, that goes
without saying.
Agence Global - Article - - edit  30 minutes ago
Patrick Seale - The Consequences of Iran’s Nuclear Deal

Israel's navy will have its work cut out | Al Jazeera Blogs - - edit  47 minutes ago
Good luck to them, and Godspeed!

Iraq at the crossroads, three months on | Al Jazeera Blogs - - edit  50 minutes ago

Asia Times Online :: Central Asian News and current affairs, Russia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan - - edit  55 minutes ago
Russian visas in mix for Turkey's nuclear plant
Israel's complicity in apartheid crimes undermines its attack on Goldstone | Gary Younge | Comment - - edit  1 hour ago
Excellent piece that takes on Israel's hypocrisy in slamming Richard Goldstone: Gary Younge: To rubbish the former judge's report on Gaza, Israel has
dredged up his record in South Africa

Daily brief: Taliban attack Kandahar air field | The AfPak Channel - - edit  1 hour ago

Afghanistan: Night raid by U.S. elicits outrage, satisfaction - - - edit  1 hour ago
An Afghan family says innocent people were killed, but the U.S.
military expresses certainty that those who died in the early hours of
May 14 were insurgents, including a Taliban commander.
Pakistan tribal region no simple target - - - edit  1 hour ago
The U.S. is pushing Pakistan to mount an offensive in North Waziristan,
where the suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing reportedly
trained. But the changing lineup of militant organizations there will
make the task of uprooting militancy doubly hard, experts say.
Spat over Iran may further strain relations between allies U.S., Turkey - - edit  1 hour ago
JERUSALEM -- President Obama said last year that the United States and
Turkey must "work together to overcome the challenges of our time."
This month, the allies couldn't have been more out of sync.

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