Monday, May 31, 2010

IDF Kills At Least 10 Humanitarian Activists as Israel Halts Flotilla Bringing Gaza Aid

As reported in today's NY Times.  Israel, of course, blames the activists, saying that they opened fire; a leader of the Free Gaza Movement rejects that explanation.  The strongest response that Mr. Obama can muster is an expression of "deep regret."  Some are blaming Obama for this crisis - allegedly he's left Israel all by its lonesome to defend itself.

I'm betting that the Israelis were not fired upon, that the Israeli government cooked up an excuse to permit itself to unleash against supporters of pro-Palestinian "terrorists" the kind of crushing disproportionate response that it has relied upon since, essentially, 1948.  In truth, it hardly matters which side fired first.  Whatever moral authority Israel still possessed was hanging by a thread before this incident.  That thread has snapped.

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