Friday, April 10, 2009

Reports of Hezbollah ring plotting against Egypt

Some interesting reports coming out of Israel and Egypt about alleged Iran/Hezbollah terror plans vs. Egypt. On the other hand, a noted Egyptian expert on Islamist groups (Diaa Rashwaan) says that these allegations are politically motivated, and says that Hezbollah has been confining its activities to Lebanon.

I'm inclined to heed the Egyptian expert's warnings. The established Arab regimes (dictatorships, really) in the region have set up the Iranians as a bogeyman for several years now (I think, for example, of King Abdullah of Jordan's fulminations about the impending doom to be caused by the "Shiite Crescent" led by Iran). Innocents? No. But intent on launching terror attacks against Egypt? But if Egypt wants to accuse Iran of such dirty work, you can be sure that the Israeli press will be happy to provide a bullhorn to get that news to the West.

I'll be curious to see how much play this gets in the US MSM.


Michael LeFavour said...

I posted a comment last night, not clear why it is missing now. Here goes again...

Why would you believe a blame Israel for everything analyst prone to propaganda and conspiracy theory over Egyptian intelligence? Nasrallah admitted last Friday that he had agents doing logistics for Hamas, which makes the lie told by Rashwan that "Hezbollah doesn't have activities outside Lebanon, and if it has, it comes in support of group ... but it has no outside military activities," sound dangerously naive and politically motivated. Nothing new out of the likes of Al-Ahram. You bought it hook line and sinker too. Just like your failure to demand accountability for Iran, which is doing a splendid job of setting itself up as a real bogeyman.

Here is an interesting article with some details of what is happening. I disagree with the assumption that Egypt was a target. It was mainly for killing Jews. Punishing Egypt was secondary. Since Egypt produces little of value it relies on tourism for survival though.

I responded to the earlier discussion we had as well. I have not had access to a computer for awhile.

Michael LeFavour said...

the article I responded to your snub

the article I alluded to above where I disagree with part of the premise


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