Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rahm Emanuel on the Two-state solution

Some of this is very good news indeed, but if Rahm Emanuel also said that ""Any treatment of the Iranian nuclear problem will be contingent upon progress in the negotiations and an Israeli withdrawal from West Bank territory," then we all need to take note. There seems to be some support growing for this quid pro quo, whereby in return for Netanyahu taking real steps to create a Palestinian state, the US will line up with the Israeli hard-line position on Iran's nuclear program - the implication being that Obama might stand aside for an IDF strike against the Bushehr reactor. Not acceptable.


Michael LeFavour said...

Thinking man can usher in the Mahdi with war and world chaos, thinking the very stones and trees will be so sick of the evil Jews that they will animate and beckon for the faithful to come and kill Jews hiding behind them, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi preaching apocalypse and stating slavery and aggression are Islamic tenets, and allowing a nuclear armed zealot that spouts regular genocidal rhetoric is unacceptable. What is also unacceptable is creating a terrorist sanctuary on more of the Jewish homeland and for the Us to force our friends to accept a choice of evils when an alternate exists. Not that you care about millions of dead Jews.

John Robertson said...

To which alternate do you refer? Bombing Iran and creating thousands of dead Iranians?

Michael LeFavour said...

Global jihad is a growing problem that won't be defeated without engaging in self defense. The amount of Iranian blood that I am willing to see shed depends entirely on their actions. I don't want a single one to die, but I am not as cavalier with the lives of so many genocide threatened Jews as you are. Forget global warming, the world can't take a nuclear exchange and "never again" should really mean never.

Ahmadinejad may only be the President, but he wields power in Iran and he is convinced that he is one of the 36 owtad (nails) of this generation. For example he claims that when speaking at the UN the "hidden Imam drenched the place in a sweet light", which made time stand still and all leaders to become enraptured with his words. It is "unacceptable" to allow any country led by an ideology this extreme to develop weapons that can change life on earth unopposed.

Imagine you find yourself locked in a prison cell with someone that says he intends to kill you in your sleep as he sharpens a metal shank on the concrete floor. Nothing you say to him placates him, nothing you try to offer changes his mind. As he gradually forms an edge on his shank his sole focus is his desire to cut your throat. Now imagine you scream for the guards so you can inform them that your cell mate is making a weapon and intends to murder you, but they don't care. If you can visualize how trapped you would feel, or what you would do to live, you have just placed yourself in the shoes of an Israeli Jew surrounded and living under constant threats of war and genocide.

The alternative that I referred to is the abandonment of the foolish idea that rewarding bigotry and violence by creating a third state in Palestine (a terrorist sanctuary) will solve anything. The conflict has nothing to do with land.

btw, have you read my comment about your unwelcome attempt at elitism? I don't have your credentials, but I move in circles just a bit above my pay grade.


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