Friday, January 30, 2009

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A wonderful personal account

I'm posting herein a link to a wonderful personal account of one journalist's conversion to a more balanced view of Israeli-Palestinian relations. I might add that in many ways it mirrors my own process, though mine began about 25 years ago.

And I must concur in the author's impression of Tom Friedman's change in stance. I read his first book, From Beirut to Jerusalem, many years ago, and I was so impressed with its balance and its personally engaging style, and with how much it opened my eyes, that I adopted it for one of the earliest iterations of my Middle East survey course. (I probably ought to have suspected the change to come in Friedman's stance, though, when a couple of Muslim students - both of them American converts to Islam - in the class later criticized my pro-Israel bias in choosing that book.) The Friedman who expounds now in the NYT truly seems a far cry from the Friedman who wrote that book.

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