Sunday, March 16, 2008

NY Times asks the "experts" for retrospectives on the Iraq war

For those of you who have the stomach for it . . . . .

New York Times asked several "experts" in military affairs for their comments on the 5th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Among the luminaries are Richard Perle (neocon cheerleader who now has absolved himself of all blame), Paul Bremer (the US proconsul at the start of the occupation some of whose decisions - like disbanding the Iraqi army, without pay - at the start of his tenure will be permanently enshrined in the numbskull hall of fame), Kenneth Pollack (whose book The Threatening Storm: the Case for Invading Iraq provided "scholarly" cover for those who wanted the war), Danielle Pletka (another of the pro-invasion neocons who also has long been calling for military action against Iran), and Frederick Kagan (one of the godfathers of the "Surge"). At least the NYT editors had the sense to include a few of somewhat less ideological bent (e.g., Anthony Cordesman, an ultra-pragmatist). Nonetheless, I send this only as a heads-up. I may have some comments later, but I might suggest that all of us - myself included - find a comfortable chair and perhaps pour a calming beverage before linking in.

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