Monday, March 10, 2008

JR's recommended reading for Monday, 10 March

via Google News on 3/9/08
Iraq war cost estimates run into the trillions
Christian Science Monitor - 11 hours ago
By David R. Francis | columnist Next week, the Iraq war enters its sixth year. As casualties mount (about 4000 American soldiers killed since the start of the war in March 2003), so do the bills.
Wars to cost $12 billion a month, new book says Detroit Free Press
Last casualty of Iraq war will be US coffers San Francisco Chronicle
Washington Post - Daytona Beach News-Journal - The Associated Press - Workers World
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via IPS Inter Press Service - Middle East by Mona Alami on 3/10/08
BEIRUT, Mar 10 (IPS) - Sporadic gunfire erupts, breaking the silence of the night. A few police cars speed up, heading east. Their lights flashing in the dark and their sirens echoing across the shanty neighbourhoods, they rapidly cross the run down metallic Basta bridge in the direction of the shootout.

A female suicide bomber killed a prominent Sunni Arab tribal chief who headed a neighbourhood security unit and three others in the volatile Iraqi province of Diyala today, police said.

via Asia Times Online on 3/10/08
Iran's young, urban and increasingly hip "fashionistas" have little time for the state-imposed dress code or its enforcers, the so-called morality police. They'd rather be shopping or grooming at one of Tehran's trendy boutiques catering to the image obsessed. The more authorities try to enforce the code, the more it seems Iranians want to push the boundaries of personal fashion. (Mar 10, '08)

via World news by Haroon Siddique on 3/10/08
Move comes in response to drop in rocket fire from the territory, but officials say no formal ceasefire agreement in place

via Salon by Matthew Cole on 3/10/08
In a secret meeting with a Taliban commander, I learned how Bush administration aid to Pakistan helps fund insurgents who kill U.S. troops.

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