Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Speaking of the Heat . . . .What's Mitt's Stance on Global Warming?

Daniel Politi at Slate has this piece on what climate scientists are noting as the increasing evidence of global warming.  (As the essay notes, it's not just for polar bears anymore.)  Which leads me to wonder . . . . as elections approach, where does Mitt Romney stand?

It's plain, of course, that a huge proportion of  social conservatives (whose support he must have if he's to have any chance of being elected in November) think of global warming as a huge fraud being perpetrated by Al Gore and the liberal propeller-head crowd.  (For the life of me, I can't remember his name - but I have a stomach-turning recollection of the Republican Congressman who, after the 2010 elections, took over the House (sub?)committee whose remit included such matters.  In his public statement upon acceding to his new chairmanship, he made a point of asserting his belief in the Bible and in Jesus/God's guidance over human affairs on this planet.  Thus, we need not fear global warming.  The Lord's got it covered.

People such as this are the constituency of fools whom Romney has to have on-board and squarely behind him by November.  Romney's own views?

Have a look at this October 2011 "Politifacts" check.  Here's their ruling:

In June 2011, Romney said he believed "the world is getting warmer" and that "humans contribute to that." In October 2011, by contrast, Romney said that "we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet."

It’s unclear to us whether this was an inadvertent omission or a calculated attempt to say divergent things to different audiences. Because Romney, in our view, is savvy enough to know the difference between suggesting a human role in climate change and leaving it out, we think it’s reasonable to perceive Romney as taking two distinct stances in these two statements. We rate this a Half Flip.


Ya think?  I strongly recommend reading the entire piece.

It's scary.

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