Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Americans' Frustration over East Coast Power Outages. Iraq, Anyone?

I know, I know - been there, done that.  It's awful to be nailed by a huge storm and then be without without air-conditioning and electricity in the heat of summer.  Yuck!

Might be a good time to reflect upon what the Emperor Boy George Bush and his entourage did to the Iraqis with their own little Shock-and-Awe storm in 2003 and its aftermath.  In those parts of Iraq outside the realm of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the vast majority of Iraqis have spent nine springs and summers with 100+ degree heat and little to no electric power - ergo, no air conditioning.  Most of them still struggle with woefully inadequate electrical power.

And that, of course, after 12 years of US-led sanctions that crippled the Iraqi economy, impoverished the majority of its population, and left their water supply, schools, and medical care in shambles.

Meanwhile, bombings continue in Baghdad and nearby cities, the Iraqi security forces simply unable to control the stiuation.  And thanks in no small part to the hugely flawed constitution that we helped Iraq's political "leadership" draw up after our invasion, corruption reigns; human rights are a joke; the parliament is a travesty; the prime minister has turned himself into Saddam-lite . . . and the Iraqi people still languish in the summer heat, even as (as Walter Pincus pointed out in the WaPo today) the Baghdad government's treasury carries a surplus of $50 billion.

At least the people of Maryland and Virginia can rest assured that, in the very near future, the power will come back on.

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