Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clinton says Iran's proposals are "Non-Starter"

As reported at CNN, with an oh-so-sweet picture of a beaming, bubbly, positively resplendent US Sec of State shaking the hand of a smiling, significantly more gravitas-bearing Israeli president Shimon Peres. 

Hillary's statement comes during her visit to Israel, where, following a string of American emissaries who preceded her, she undoubtedly threatened, cajoled, and pleaded (h/t to Richard Burton's song in Camelot - which was titled, ironically enough, How to Handle a Woman) with Netanyahu et al to not bomb Iran.  And especially, not bomb Iran before the November election.  I wonder if Mitt will have any suggestions for Bibi on that score when he comes to pay homage visit him.

But the timing of this picture, and Hillary's statement, is woeful.  One could easily make the argument - indeed, some will make the argument - that it's the US that's doing Israel's dance while Bibi calls the tune.

More worrying . . . the US is giving Iran no room to negotiate.  The Iranian diplomat who stated that the US is offering peanuts and wants diamonds in exchange is spot-on.

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