Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Fear-mongering from WINEP

From what amounts to the Israeli government's own think-tank in DC, WINEP's David Schenker tries to catalogue some of the wacky chicanery of those crazy, rambunctious Muslims (both Salafis and Muslim Brothers) who now will surely turn Egypt into an Islamist state.

His message (oh so predictable, given the source): be very afraid.  These people are crazy; definitely not like you and me.

The intended impact: scare us all, and prepare us for whatever steps the "sane" adult countries like the US - and Israel - will surely need to take somewhere down the line.

Gosh, WINEP - thanks for clearing that up for us.  Otherwise we might have kept deluding ourselves that the Egyptian people just had a free and fair presidential election and are striving for a democracy that's accountable to the will of the Egyptian people - not to US/Israeli interests.

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