Monday, February 6, 2012

Niall Ferguson: Excited about Bombing Iran

Read it here, if you can stand the smell.  It's one thing to analyze the consequences of an attack on Iran.  It's something of an entirely different order to do it so flippantly, and to wax on about Israel's hugely successful war of 1967 (which, in the long view, may well be seen as a pivotal moment that sent both Israel's future - and that of much of the Middle East - into inexorable decline).  Then, to cap it off with what seems to be genine excitement to be  on the "eve of some creative destruction"?

Quite awhile ago I'd come to the conclusion that Ferguson had gone from semi-serious historian to Western-supremacist polemicist.  Now he looks - to me, at least - more and more a celebrity-driven fool.

For a polemic, yet much more humane essay on the idiocy of those who would have us all quivering before Iran's supposed existential threat to us all, I recommend instead this piece from Glenn Greenwald.

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