Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anthony Shadid's Death is a Loss to America

Salon's Gary Kamiya adds his own to the burgeoning tributes to the late Anthony Shadid . . . and makes the very important point that his death is most assuredly a loss to America:


His death is not just a terrible loss to journalism: it is a loss to America. Even though the United States is at war with two Middle Eastern countries, and stands on the brink of war with a third, most Americans, including our politicians and many so-called “experts,” know almost nothing about it – which is one of the reasons we embarked upon the disastrous Iraq war. Like all great reporters, Shadid penetrated the darkness. He took us not just into streets and cafes, but into hearts and minds. He showed the impact of decisions made by politicians and generals in far-away lands on housewives and young girls and street vendors, on small human beings just trying to live decent lives. He was our eyes.


The rest of Kamiya's essay is here.

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