Sunday, February 5, 2012

Netanyahu to Visit AIPAC Conference Next Month. Wow.

As reported via ABC.  Expect him to arrive with crates full of meat to lob to the awaiting - and adoring -- GOP/Christian Zionist faithful, and the vast majority of the US Congress.  Expect Mitt, Newt, and Rick to await in humble attendance.

But if Obama has any guts, he will do no more than meet Bibi quietly - and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that any Israeli attack on Iran will be not only disavowed, but condemned, by the United States.  Obama should also let him know that any further attempts by Netanyahu to insert the nonsense of Iran=Hitler=Second Holocaust into American electoral politics will be condemned - rudely - for the meddling charade that it is.

Much as Nikita Kruschev did with the young John F. Kennedy, for the last 3+ years, Netanyahu has played Obama like the proverbial drum (as some of us feared he might do even at the outset of his presidency).  Well, in 1962 Kennedy had his Cuban missile crisis moment, which proved that he had the mettle to deal with the more experienced Soviet premier.  Of course, in that crisis, the  US Congress more or less had Kennedy's back.  Mr. Obama will not have that luxury.

Indeed, in matters as serious as that of a supposed ally dragging his country into a potentially catastrophic war, no president ought to be reduced to standing on the outside while his Congress helps that ally tug at the drag-lines.  But to such a sorry state have American politics now declined.

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