Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Predictable cheer-leading from Bush's former speechwriter

From one of the neocon luminaries who brought you the Iraq follies . . . Michael Gerson now encourages Mr. Obama to get fired up (with a transfusion of red corpuscles, as he puts it) and to fire all of us up, stir all of us to valor, when he announces the (expected by everyone) upcoming "surge" in Afghanistan.  I suppose we ought to be grateful that Gerson adopted a tone at least  slightly less disgusting that David Brooks' man-up urgings to Obama. 

But, please . . . .

Didn't we already let ourselves get sucked down this road in 2002?  How many times did we hear such stuff as (to cite Gerson's concluding lines),
In Afghanistan and other distant places, America's sons and daughters are saving the liberty of the world.
What drivel, what absolute nonsense.  I suppose he figures he can get away with this garbage on Veterans Day  - and with his ham-handed attempt to equate the Afghanistan war with the efforts of US doughboys at places like Belleau Wood during World War I.  I by no means mean to disparage the sacrifices being made by the members of the US military in Afghanistan, but Gerson does them no good service by cheerleading the US public into believing that an unwinnable war being waged in a place where we don't belong is remotely to be equated with the First World War.

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