Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Israel's "unprecedented" concessions: Hillary needs to talk to her husband

Trying to get the "peace process" (lol) restarted, Hillary Clinton speaks of the "unprecedented" concessions that Mr. Netanyahu is willing to make in regard to West Bank settlement building.  For Mr. Netanyahu, any such "concessions" may indeed be unprecedented, although he did budge a teensy bit in the Wye Accords.

But she really ought to talk to Bill about this.  Have him refresh her memory about some of the truly unprecedented developments that took place on Bill's watch in the White House - like at Camp David, or the Taba talks.  The deal that Ehud Barak proposed to Yasser Arafat was never the sweet deal that it was made out to be (read Robert Malley and Hussein Agha on that), but it was a damn sight better than what Netanyahu is talking about.

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