Friday, June 12, 2009

Krauthammer and Barack Obama's Messianism

I don't think Mr. Krauthammer likes being relegated to semi-obscurity, now that the neocons are no longer in charge. More of the same old "whatever the USA does is good, because, after all, we are the USA." Because Obama notes for public consumption that the US has made some blunders over the years, Krauthammer reviles him as showing "a disturbing ambivalence toward one's own country." Krauthammer rails on about the cruelties that Muslim regimes have imposed upon minorities. Not even a nod toward the thousands killed, maimed, detained, humiliated by the US across the Middle East.

Krauthammer's personal distaste for Obama oozes from this article. For my money, Obama has in his pinkie finger more of a sense of universal human dignity than Krauthammer has ever shown.

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