Friday, September 9, 2011

Will the Egyptian Street Force the Military's Hand?

AP reports (in NY Times) that about 30 Egyptian protesters broke into the Israeli embassy in Cairo and dumped documents out the windows. Meanwhile, hundreds of others tore down the embassy's security wall, with security forces evidently deciding not to intervene.

This is going to present the current military rulers (the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) with a dilemma, especially if (as most indications suggest) they want to maintain some modicum of harmonious relations with Israel.  Sooner or later, those protesters may force their hand.

And that may indeed be sooner, as in this month, when the issue of Palestinian statehood comes before the UN.  Israel and the US oppose it, but a proposal to give the Palestinians recognition as a non-member state will almost certainly pass a vote in the General Assembly.  But it evidently will be brought first before the Security Council, where the US in all likelihood will veto it.

What happens in Cairo then, at the US embassy?

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