Friday, September 24, 2010

Iraq's continuing post-election trauma: Iraqiya party rejects Maliki as PM again

Perhaps Iraqiya is serious about this threat; or perhaps they're throwing down another card in what's become an interminable game, with the Iraqi people the biggest losers.  But if Iraqiya is serious, it's another sign that the new Iraqi government, when it emerges, will be as sectarian as the current one, or even more so.  Day-to-day bargaining seems to bring a constantly changing "inside dope" as to who's ahead, but the "super-Shii" coalition seems to hold a lot of the cards, especially if Muqtada al-Sadr decides to join despite how Maliki did him dirty in 2008.

One of the Iraqiya people is quoted as saying that a new government can't be formed without them.  Well, actually, the numbers say otherwise - but any new government that has no place at the table for Iraqiya leaves most of Iraq's  formerly dominant, now aggrieved, still powerful Sunni Arabs outside the executive power structure, but well represented in Iraq's parliament.  That's a prescription for near-stalemate - which affords an evidently resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq a handy recruitment tool.

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