Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CIA’s Afghan Kill Teams Expand U.S. War in Pakistan

Spencer Ackerman at Wired on the revelations forthcoming in the new book from Bob Woodward, Obama's Wars -excerpts from which, as he notes, appear today in both the NY Times and the WaPo. 
 So sad, really - a bright, energetic young man who promised so much change, showed so much promise, who seemed to represent Good and Reason, has ended up, at least when it comes to the US in the world, bringing even more of more of the same - in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, at Guantanamo, with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - and the jury's still out on how he deals with Iran.
 No progress.  Much disillusionment. More people dying at American hands.  He's running up a big tab, and he'll likely be made to pay for it - at the ballot box in November, in the court of global public opinion, and - perhaps - at the hands of some terror group whose growing disillusionment and anger will spur them to another attack on US interests somewhere in the world, if not here at home. (Note David Ignatius in today's WaPo: terror-alert lights are blinking red all over Europe).

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