Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Juan Cole on Iraq's political impasse

Even by Prof. Cole's high standards, an excellent informed comment on Iraq's political impasse, and how the US seems to be trying to manipulate the situation to get what it wants: letting Nuri al-Maliki hang on as prime minister, but set up the US's favorite, Ayad Allawi, as head of the national security council and then fatten up the council's power (at the expense of the Iraqi constitution, as well as the prime ministership).  Maliki's people aren't buying it - which also suits the Iranians just fine.

What might be waiting down the line?  Perhaps a military coup? - an already well-established Iraqi tradition, actually, going back to before World War II, during the Hashemite monarchy.  And then, civil war?

And notes Prof. Cole, in a very elegant turn of phrasing, this constitutional crisis is much more dangerous for Iraq's future than are incidents like today's suicide bombing, which killed around 50 and wounded around 120. 
The guerrillas, once having had a serious political agenda, have become nothing more than serial killers taking revenge on reality for their irrelevance.

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