Sunday, August 22, 2010

about Petraeus' argument to extend the "Surge"

A little more evidence of the US's lengthening commitment in Afghanistan, the WaPo's Walter Pincus reports -
Three $100 million air base expansions in southern and northern Afghanistan illustrate Pentagon plans to continue building multimillion-dollar facilities in that country to support increased American military operations well into the future.

Despite growing public unhappiness with the Afghan war -- and President Obama's pledge that he will begin withdrawing troops in July 2011 -- many of the installations being built in Afghanistan have extended time horizons. None of the three projects in southern and northern Afghanistan is expected to be completed until the latter half of 2011. All of them are for use by U.S. forces rather than their Afghan counterparts.

And by the way, according to Pincus, much of the rationale for these air base expansions are intended to better support Special Operations operations in Afghanistan.  You know, those brave and lusty lads who sneak into Afghan villages under cover of darkness, eager to get some (Hooah!), bust down doors, assassinate "bad guys" (who all too often turn out to be innocent bystanders, including women and children), terrorize the locals . . . winning all those hearts and minds . . . .

And all this courtesy of my shiny-bright president, the one who promised me so much "change."  I recommend highly Andrew Bacevich's new book, Washington Rules, where he makes it plain: nothing's changed.

I've concluded that the moniker "BO" suits Mr. Obama very well.

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