Thursday, August 19, 2010

Attacking Iran - A Bullet Dodged?

The NY Times is reporting that US and Israeli officials have agreed that Iran is farther from acquiring the possibility of highly enriched uranium than was previously thought.  Ergo, the Israelis have less reason at this point to launch the air-strike that everyone's been talking about in the wake of Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic piece.

And this also gives Obama perhaps one less crisis-issue to worry about going into the November mid-term elections.  So, will he use the seemingly diminished imminence of war with Iran to re-focus on Israeli settlement building and the ever-popular "peace process"?  Or will he back off that issue as a token of gratitude for Netanyahu cooling (perhaps literally) his jets?  It's also being reported now that direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian (read "Fatah") negotiators are set.  (But without some representation for Hamas, what's the point?)

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