Friday, February 26, 2010

Disappointed again by a fellow Kentuckian [Sen. Jim Bunning]

As a kid, I loved to watch Jim Bunning pitch (for both the Tigers - where he teamed with "the Yankee-killer", Frank Lary - and the Phillies).  But, as St. Paul wrote, as an adult we put away the things of childhood.

In Bunning's case, perhaps he needs to be simply put away - like, in a peaceful place equipped with grated windows and padded walls.  What else to do with a man who decides it's OK to use partisan politics to single-handedly block a much-needed extension of aid to millions of jobless Americans. (And then to whine that the Democrats' refusal to knuckle under to his demands was causing him to miss the South Carolina-Kentucky basketball game?!  Unbelievable!)

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