Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Washington Post's editorial chief on the "Surges"

Fred Hiatt spouting nonsense, to the effect that the "Surge" in Iraq produced a "win."  The implication is that the "Surge" in Afghanistan is going to work out to be just as peachy, that the US is likely to leave Afghanistan oh so much better than we found it, just like we did in Iraq.

How about those tens of thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands - of Iraqis whose deaths were caused by our intervention to begin with?  How about the 2 million or more who remain in foreign exile or are internally "displaced" because of Mr. Bush's great idea to re-make the Middle East?

The Surge in Iraq was A contributor to - not the chief reason for - the damping down of violence that is now making it possible for the US to leave.  But Iraq is not "fixed."  Anyone who entertains such a hubristic notion need only google Kirkuk, or Mosul, or Baghdad for that matter - and check out the stories date-lined there over the last year since the Surge wound down.

If this is the kind of state in which we will eventually exit Afghanistan, then I pity even more the young Americans - and the Afghans - whose lives are soon to be wasted there.

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